4 Common Search Engine Marketing Mistakes

With technological advancement, the internet has already become an important part in our daily life. In Singapore, you can access to internet at almost everywhere you go regardless of whether you are in the school, office, home or any public places. A huge portion of consumers and businesses will go to the internet when they want to buy. This is when the search engine comes into use. It is your company responsible to make sure that your placement on the search engine ranking is high. By doing so, you definitely will get some benefits in return. It can help to generate traffic to your site which in turn will increase in sales. In this way, your company’s brand will be promoted cost effectively.
It may seem easy to achieve all the benefits but very often, many have make mistakes without even realizing it. There is too much contradictory information online which lead to confusion.

Now, I am going to talk about the five most common search engine marketing mistakes.

• Wrong Keywords
When you use the wrong keywords, you will not generate much traffic that can be converted to sales. Choosing the right keyword is therefore important for search engine marketing. When the right keyword is used, you can generate traffic from potential customers who are interested in your products or services.

• Insufficient Content
The number of keywords your website can target and the length of content in your website are interrelated. Many companies always target five or six keywords for a page with two or three paragraphs of text. It definitely will not work if the keywords are too widely used. The most effective method is to have a content of about 300 to 500 words to support one main keyword you are targeting. If the keyword is very competitive, you may need to a longer content.

• Outdated content
Many companies failed to update their website with new content. This is not going to work as the search engine will judge your web ranking by looking at your content. When you update with fresh content, this shows that your business is doing well. This will enable your website to be separate from those outdated website. A great way is to insert a blog to your website so that your website will have new updates when a new entry is posted in your blog regularly.

• Targeting only the search engines or the visitors
The copywriters write in a way to target only the visitor and ignore the use of SEO approach. On the other hand, many of them failed to connect the content with the readers as they are only focusing on keyword targeting. However, you must know how to keep a balance of providing an interesting content that can connect to the readers and at the same time make use of SEO techniques. When this is reached, you can achieve better search engine ranking and generate sales from potential customers.

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