Build a Facebook Fan Page with WordPress

Have you ever wanted to build a Facebook fan page with WordPress? It’s not as hard as it may seem. A few things you will need before you start:

  • Self hosted site
  • SSL Certification for your website
  • Facebook developer account (need a Facebook user account)

Once you have these three things it won’t take long for you to start using WordPress to create a mini-site on your Facebook fan page.

Create Your Facebook Site

You will need to install a fresh copy of WordPress in a sub-directory on your website. Using /facebook/ can help you to remember what that install is for. Once you do this, you will want to pick a theme that you can use for your Facebook page. I highly encourage you to choose a responsive theme. Almost all themes now are responsive but some are not. The reason we want a responsive theme is because Facebook will put your mini-site inside of a 810px wide box. The height won’t matter just the width.

At this point you can start building out your page(s). Once you have all the content set up you will now need to log into your Facebook developer account.

Open a Fan Page

If you already have a fan page you can skip this step. To create a fan page go here: Select what kind of page it’s going to be for. You will need to select a category, name, address, etc. This information depends on what type of page you are going to select. Once you’ve filled out that information you will be taken to a series of informational pieces you will need to fill you:

  1. About information
  2. Profile picture
  3. Add to favorites

Finish up this information and make sure the page creates. You will need a blank page to add tabs to for the next step.

Facebook Application

You will need to find your app section inside of your developer account. You should be able to go here: to access them. If not, you should have a bar at the top of your developer page that says app. Once on the app page you will see a button with a + sign in the upper right labeled “Create New App”.  You will need to name your app. Give it something unique so you can remember what it is. If you want to be able to do more advanced features later on you will want to give it a namespace. Under the category, select App for Fan Pages.

Filling out this information will bring you to a new app you just created for your page. Near the bottom you will see a box “Select how your app will integrates with Facebook”. In this box you will want to select “Page Tab” at the bottom. Name the tab (this will appear on your fan page).  Now you will need to edit three url information pieces. For Page Tab Url you will want to enter your sub-directory site Inside of the Secure Page Tab Url  you can put the same link. If you want to have admins of your page login to your WordPress account from inside of Facebook then add the login url inside of Page Tab Edit Url www.yoursite.come/facebook/wp-admin/

You may now select a tab image for the page tab that will appear on your fan page. The size of the image must be 111 x 74 and no bigger than 5MB in size. In the next section, Page Tab Width, leave it at 810px. Now hit save changes. If you want to take the page live on the next step than make sure to select the radio box at the top and put Sandbox Mode in disabled. Resave changes.


Activate and Test Your Page

This next part is the one most people have the hardest time with. If you get lost simply leave me a comment and I will see if I can give you more help. First, open a new tab and put this link in the address but don’t go to it yet! You are going to have to replace APPLICATION ID with the application id from your new app. You can find this id at the top of your new app you created. Make sure there is no space between your app number and the & sign in the link. You can now hit enter and select the page you wish to add this to. If you get the message “YOUR PAGE NAME is under construction” then you need to finish building out your page and publish it. Once you do that you can repeat the above step.

That is how to build a Facebook fan page with WordPress. While it seems complicated it isn’t. This is great for setting up dynamic pages in Facebook but also allowing you to have WordPress as a CMS. Do you have any questions or need help setting yours up? Leave me a comment and let me know!

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