40+ Useful HTML5 Examples, Tutorials And Techniques

For the web designers and web developers, this collection will be a treat for them because in this collection, we are showcasing 45 useful and amazing HTML5 tutorials and techniques that would astonish them. HTML5 is the latest and advanced version of HTML (HyperText Markup Language) and these days HTML5 is very popular among the […]

The Art of Accessibility

Some designers and developers object to having to cater for accessibility. The argument I’ve heard most often is that the demands of accessibility are too restrictive, limit creativity, or undermine design aesthetics. In other words, accessibility limits artistic freedom, and that’s unacceptable. I could try to refute that on the grounds of practical ethics — […]

12 Tips for a More Accessible Website

Making your website accessible to everyone is not only a moral duty, it’s a legal obligation. Many organizations, including the International Olympic Committee, have been sued for not making their websites accessible enough. With 50 million Americans suffering from some disability or other, improving your site’s accessibility makes clear commercial sense too. Related Posts:“Call to […]