25 Essential Sass and Compass Tools

CSS’ simplicity is one of its defining features, and a big reason for its popularity. However, as websites and applications become more complex, the size and complexity of stylesheets also increase. CSS can quickly become verbose and repetitive. But a preprocessor like Sass expands the capabilities of CSS by allowing you to use variables to […]

27 Free HTML5 & CSS3 Templates For Download

HTML5 / CSS3 came up to totally revolutionize the web designing and development industry. These two languages totally ameliorated the way websites were created before – thanks to all the amazing features they boast. HTML5 / CSS3 template are extremely popular nowadays as they allow the websites to be created in a much easier way […]

Best 45 Free HTML5 And CSS3 Templates You Should See

The first thing web developers consider when they need to create an extremely stylish and trendy website is CSS3 and HTML5. This is because of the functionality and features they offer and why HTML5 and CSS3 are a major topic for web designers. Taking this into account, we thought to compile another fresh and cool […]

Top 10 Free Responsive CSS Frameworks for Web Design

CSS frameworks are pre-prepared libraries that are meant to allow for easier, more standards-compliant styling of web pages using the Cascading Style Sheets language. Responsive web design continues to become more widely practiced and every web designer wants more tools and resources to make it easier to code responsive web sites. For those web designers […]

33 Best Free HTML5 Tutorials

Technology is evolving like anything and before we learn one thing, a completely new thing is introduced in the web world. In such situations, leading the rat race can be very difficult. As a developer or designer, you should keep yourself up to date so that you can always stay one step ahead of your […]

30 Useful HTML5 and CSS3 Website Templates

When it comes to websites, two of the most important things are its look and usability. Now days it is a must for a website to be responsive and user friendly. They should be advanced and thus designed using HTML5 and CSS3, which makes them more accessible. A great and easy way of achieving both […]