20 incredible iPhone app UI design examples

How do you stand out amongst the millions of iPhone apps competing for attention? With a fabulous design, that’s how! Holger Sindbaek of app community Meerli selects some of his favourites. Five years have passed since Steve Jobs stood on a stage in Mountain View and said, “One last thing…”, and those five years have […]

Starters Guide to iOS Mobile Design

As someone who does work on both the development and design side of iOS apps I find that many designers struggle with the transition to UI work, or with the different processes involved in iPhone and iPad app design. In this guide I’ll describe the deliverables you’ll be expected to produce, outline the constraints of […]

Build a Responsive, Mobile-Friendly Website From Scratch: Semantic HTML

In the last article, as promised, we’ve begun doing some practical work with the planning and creation of a mockup. Now, we’ve focused on how to build a personal project wireframe thinking responsively and—consequently—how a responsive design can adapt to three target layouts: Default (PC desktop), Portrait Tablet, and Smartphone. We’ve seen how to arrange […]

Which Mobile Platform to Develop For

While this site has focused on developing apps for the iPhone, iOS is obviously just one of a few different mobile platforms that are available to develop on. In fact, it is not even the biggest one, as the chart on the left shows (image source). So should you be developing just on iOS? Which […]

How To Design A Mobile Game With HTML5

Care to make a cross-platform mobile game with HTML5? No need to dabble in Java or Objective-C? Bypass the app stores? Sounds like an instant win! A handful of game developers are pushing the envelope of mobile HTML5 games at the moment. Check out the likes of Nutmeg and Lunch Bug for some shining examples. […]

How To Get Started Designing Games for Mobile Platforms

It’s a Whole New Mindset Mobile gaming is a booming market right now, and it seems everyone wants to dive in and grab a chunk of the market. However, getting started in mobile gaming isn’t just about porting your Windows or Xbox title over to iOS. Design for Your Current Platform, Not Your Previous One […]

Build a Responsive, Mobile-Friendly Website From Scratch: Introduction

In the last series (“Understanding Responsive Web Design“), I defined the basic features of this new and important responsive approach to mobile-friendly, device-agnostic design. Now, let’s set the stage for a more concrete work. We’ve seen that there are many aspects to take into consideration throughout the responsive design process: screen size, operating platform, user […]