Free Adobe photoshop CS6 Tutorials

26 Brand New Free Adobe Photoshop CS6 Tutorials

The newest release version of Photoshop CS6 comes with dozens of new interface changes. The software is amazing for web designers looking to create icons, illustrations, web layouts, and practically any type of digital artwork. But nobody can master these skills without practicing to some degree. So I’ve collected 26 of the most recent Photoshop […]

Write an app in AngularJS

The AngularJS framework greatly simplifies frontend development, making it easy and fun to write complex web apps. Brian Ford explains how to use it to build a contact manager This article first appeared in issue 234 of .net magazine – the world’s best-selling magazine for web designers and developers. In JavaScript’s early days, you had […]

Top 10 Websites to Learn Website Development

Website Development can be a great career option if you love to code, love to design and love to develop some awesome websites. Developing Websites now become very easily these days as some content management systems like wordpress, joomla can be very helpful to you to make delightful websites. For that you have just basic […]

Everything you need to understand to start with AngularJS

2012 was the year of the rise of the Javascript MVC frameworks and libraries with countless of those frameworks that were released or that went under the spotlight. Among others, you must have heard about Backbone.js, Ember.js but my personal favorite is AngularJS. AngularJS is a Javascript MVC framework created by Google to build properly architectured and maintainable web […]

15 Free Online Tools To Create Professional Resume

CV stands for ‘Curriculum vitae,’ which is Latin for ‘Courses if life’. A CV is also known as a ‘Resume.’ A Cv or Resume is the summary of your academic and work history. When applying for a job, you are asked to submit your CV. Thus it is the first thing your interviewer and your […]