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Are you revamping your CV? Make sure you use a high quality CV template to give your CV a professional look. Here are our selection of CV templates in Word format for you to download and use without charge. Although these are created in Word, you can use any Microsoft Word compatible software package to open them up and edit them.

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Free CV template word 1Free CV template Word – this is a really popular free CV template in Microsoft Word format – it’s clean and simply laid out with a standard font and no graphic elements (download this Word CV template).  Choose a CV template like this over graphical or cluttered CVs for most professional jobs.
CV template word 2Simple CV template Word (alternative version) – another clean and well laid out CV template, with a standard font and some simple lines that break up the sections (download this CV template in Word format).  This is another perfectly acceptable template for a professional job application and universally applicable for most roles.
CV template word 3Simple CV template (alternative) – another CV template in Word that is clean and well presented making for an attractive professional CV – this template uses a standard font but utilises a different header to the other CV templates above, and makes use of some simple lines on the left margin to add a little style without being cluttered and unprofessional (download this CV template in Word format).
CV template word 4Stylish CV – no fancy fonts or garish colours – just a stylish CV layout that makes use of tables to present your personal information to the left of the page and your careers and other information to the right (download this CV template in Word format).
CV template word clinicalCV template in Word, for clinical jobs – a tailored clean and well laid out CV, using a standard font, with space for additional sections required when you’re applying for a clinical post (download this CV template in Word format).  Slightly different information to the CV templates offered above, just because of the type of post applied for.

Quick CV template tips

  • If you’re using a Word template that you’ve downloaded from the Internet and it’s not one of ours, make sure you remove any unnecessary branding that the website have added in.  To edit headers and footers (where branding is usually put in), you can usually just double click them in Word.
  • Make sure you’re putting the right things into your Word CV template – to get it right, check out our free guide on ‘How to write a CV’ (or ‘How to write a CV for clinical jobs‘) and view example CVs.
  • Make sure you customise each CV that you send out to the role you’re applying for, highlighting where you have the required skills and education mentioned in the job ad, and reiterating this in your covering letter.  This makes you look like you are more suited to the role than candidates who submit a generic CV.
  • Avoid distracting design elements, fancy colours and fonts – the above Word CV templates all have a simple, clean layout without any of these unprofessional elements.
  • Above all, don’t forget to spell check your CV, read it out loud and get someone to read over your CV for you.

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