Free Web Templates for Creating Dashboards and Admin Panels

Free and premium dashboard templates for creating full-featured admin panels.

Have you ever built a website which required an admin panel? But creating a full-fledged admin panel is a hectic task isn’t it? It isn’t! If you have these admin panel systems.

Admin panels are required almost every time you build an e-commerce system, custom CMS or any site which might contain sales or members section.

These templates, or as I call them, admin panel systems can be called a rare resource. They are infamous yet they are extremely powerful and can be customized to fit your needs for website’s backend.

Admin Panel and Dashboard Templates


Taurus is a responsive, bootstrap3 powered admin panel template. This is one of the highest rated and most beautiful templates on the internet.
This resource costs $20.

Taurus Boodstrap Dashboard Template


Karma is also a bootstrapped high rated admin panel template which is loved by many web developers.This resource costs $25.

Karma is a Bootstrapped webapp


A fully working, mobile device optimized dashboard and admin-panel system.
This resource costs $18.

Developer Admin Panel

Quick Admin

A simple user-friendly design for admin dashboard.
This resource costs $18.

Quick Admin Panel


This is a premium level dashboard system.
This resource costs $25.

Responsive Admin Theme

Free Admin Template

This one is free! But this one doesn’t has all those fancy features :(

Admin Panel Dashboard Template

Traditional Admin Template

Free dashboard web template. Only one section seems to be designed, and that too in a bit of non-professional manner, but hey, this one’s free, what can we ask for?

Traditional Dashboard Template

White Label

A full-featured, HTML5, Google Web Fonts supported, mobile devices optimized, jQuery enabled super dashboard template.
This resource costs $25.

White Label Template

Boxie Admin

It is not the fanciest dashboard template you’ll ever see but certainly contains all the features usually required.
This resource costs $12.

Boxie Admin Panel


This one should be a professional’s choice. Especially made to run in compliance with your favorite CMS.
This resource costs $20


Terminator Admin

Suitable for blogs and such content based websites.
This resource costs $25.

Terminator Admin Backends

Vivant Designs

A very very stylish admin panel but I feel that it may not run properly on all browsers and it just might be a little difficult to edit. But I should tell you, this one is very stylish :)
This resource costs $16.


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