Inspiration – 30 Awesome, Unique Web Designs for Inspiration

Inspiration is a big part of growing as a designer. Personally, I know I’ve gotten better since I dove into the ‘design community’ and started seeing more inspirational work, and different styles and approaches to design. I think it’s best to look at all different styles. The thing in common should be the level of quality. So that’s what I’ve got today, 30 very high-quality web designs for your inspirational pleasure! 🙂 I did not focus on any particular style of design, I just tried to find solid, high-quality designs, that had more of a unique layout or approach. They are all solid designs though. A lot of them have beautiful small or subtle details that make them really stand out. So be sure to check out the sites live, because my 500px wide preview can’t capture those small details! Enjoy!

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