Steps To Get An SEO Optimized Website

Everybody knows how important SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is and still, there are tons of people who don’t really understand how it works or they think they do, but they miss essential steps in order to create the optimization needed for creating a good traffic to their website.

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First of all, you have to understand that SEO is an exact science and if you do everything as it needs to be done, then is no way you could not get the best results. When I say best results I mean tons of free high quality traffic that is ment to last and also help you to get more clients and if you are a publisher you will get more clicks which means more money.

In order to build a successful optimization for your website or blog you need to keep in mind few but very important steps.

  1. Keyword optimization
  2. Original and high quality content
  3. Page Rank

These 3 steps are linked one to the other. Basically you have to start with building content. It seems pretty easy to create content, but the truth is that it might be one of the most difficult things to do. When I say content I don’t mean just some articles, some info about some random thing (words without a meaning).

If you want to have success with SEO optimization you must focus when writing articles for your blog and find a niche in which you are or you would like to become a professional. In my opinion, this is the most important thing when you start thinking about SEO optimization. Is very important to like what you do because you will be able to generate unlimited content.

Keyword Optimization

Meta Keywords and Description

Search engines are based on keywords, the words that are used on user searches. These keywords are very important and you should research everytime when you create content.

The search engine has developed an algorithm which scans your content for relevancy, keywords density and the frequence of the keyword use in the post. That’s why is pretty important to use an <h2> or to bold your keywords.

Go with your niche and find relevant keywords for your articles. In order to do that, you need to use some professional keyword researching tools.

Most popular Keyword Researching Tools

1. Google Adwords

Without a doubt, Google Adword Keyword Tool has managed to become the most popular keyword researching tool available thanks to Google and it’s fame. Kidding…Google Adword Keyword Tools is actually a very professional and useful keyword tool.

Google Adwords Keyword Tool

How Does It Work?

Is pretty simple actually! Let’s just say you have a web design niched website. All you have to do is to write the keyword “web design” in the box and start searching. The Adwords Keyword tool will display tons of related keywords which are sorted by their relevance. You can also see the search volume and if you want, it can display you the CPC (Cost Per Click) for that keyword on Google Adwords.

Of course there is Search based keyword tool by Google which is also very useful but it does things in a little different way so I choose as a primary tool the Google Adwords Research tool. You can visit Google Search Based Keyword Tool here.

Also if you need some inspiration or you just need some keyword suggestions, you can use another great Google tool named Google Wonder Wheel. You probably haven’t heard about it, but you should know that Google Wonder Wheel is available for any search you make with Google. All you have to do in order to get access to Wonder Wheel is to press show options after you make a search. Like in the picture bellow.

2. KeywordSpy

Even though KeywordSpy isn’t as popular as Google Adwords Keyword Tool it has tons of useful features and it generates strong keywords for your needs. In my opinion, KeywordSpy is on 2nd spot after Google Adwords Keyword Tool. Unlike the keyword tool from Google, KeywordSpy has a lot more features which can be very helpful with the study of your competitors.

Keyword Spy Tool

KeywordSpy displays Organic Competitors and links as well as PPC Competitors and keywords. You can also see similar keywords, related keywords and even misspeled keywords.

There are tons of Keyword researching tools, but I’ve used these for a long time and I had only best results. You can also check some similar Keyword Researching tools

and many many other…

That’s the thing with Keyword optimizing. Don’t forget to do a good research before starting to write an article. Let’s go on to the next step which is

Original and High-quality Content

hq  content

Is imposible to write 100% unique content these days but is very possible to write quality stuff. Search engines hate non-original articles, that’s why you should try to avoid duplicate content. There’s a good chance that if you start writing duplicate content to be banned by Google search spider and as you might know, Google represents a huge source of potential traffic for your site.

Page Rank and Backlinks

backlinks and page rank

We use page rank when we talk about Google optimization because is a term which was created by them. Actually, the page rank is an algorithm which determines how powerful a page or a website is in the Google Search. Using simple words, the page rank is the one that choose where your website will be placed in the search results. Page rank is noted with numbers from 1 to 10. You can view a website page rank using a page rank display tool or just by downloading the Google Toolbar for your browser. If is Firefox you should get it from here.

How does Page Rank Works?

Like I said earlier, search engines display results after 2 main criterions: Relevancy and of course Page Rank. So if you have both of them is pretty sure that you will be ranked 1 in Google search results for a specified keyword. If you have a good and a more relevant content than a web page with a page rank of 0, 1 and 2 you might probably get before them in search results even though you don’t have a page rank. But if theyhave a page rank 3 or higher than 3 is pretty hard to be beaten.

That’s why you need to have both: a high page rank and also write good content in order to have content relevance in searches.

Probably, your next question is “What I have to do in order to get page rank?”. The answer might be easier than you might believe. Actually what you need to do is given in the page rank definition.

Page rank is a link analysis algorithm that is influenced by the links to that page. Google actually casts every link from page A to page B as a vote from page A to page B this means that page B has got a backlink from page A. You might consider that if there are many links that point to a page, that page will have a higher page rank. Well…one part is true, links are very important, but the quality of the site that links is also important. Google creates a “fusion” between quantity and quality so as a result it is best to get both of them in order to get best results and get a higher page rank for your site.

How to get backlinks to your website?

That’s one of the most rumored subjects about SEO optimization so you will be able to find tons and tons of articles about backlinks and how to get them. But, from my own experience I can say that the best way to get backlinks to a web page is to build high quality content…and once again, the three steps are reunite. Like I said before, there cannot exist one without the other.

1. Once people see that you write quality they will add links to your website and probably will share it on favorite social media websites.

Social media websites is my second favorite way to get backlinks to my articles.

I use to share all of my articles on social media websites like: Digg, Twitter, Facebook, Delicious and also if is design related to websites that allows you to share your articles. Also if the article is very good and original you may have the chance to get on Digg’s first page, thing that can bring you thousands of visitors in just hours. In that mass of visitors you will get tons of backlinks for sure. Is same with TweetMeme first page.

2. Join web communities and forums that allow you to post links

Forums like Digital Point can become a huge source of traffic and also good quality backlinks for your site.

3. Write on Ezine Articles and also try Guest Posting

This method of getting links might be as good as the first one with quality content. Think about the exposure you get when you write a good Ezine Article. Ezine Articles is the most visited article website and if you write good stuff you will get on tons of websites which will automatically link to your website. Start posting articles on EzineArticles right now and you will see the results.

As well as Ezine articles, guest posting can be very very useful. You can get a great exposure and get high quality backlinks. For example, you can join and start guest posting.

4. Submit your website into web directories

There are lots of websites experienced in building links to websites. You can get a quite long list on

That’s all! I really hope that you enjoy this article and also hope that the information in this post will help you to get the results you want. Subscribe to our RSS Feeds to get more interesting SEO related articles.

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