Building your first WordPress plugin (part 3)

by Anna Ladoshkina There is no need to ask why anybody would want to write a plugin for WordPress. It’s one of the primary features that makes WordPress so flexible and a good fit for a wide range of projects. In the first part of our series we created the base for a WordPress plugin recognisible by the […]

Building your first WordPress plugin (part 2)

by Anna Ladoshkina In the previous part of our series we created the base for a WordPress plugin recognizable by the core. Today we are going to learn how to actually alter the default functionality of the core. The concept of hooks, actions, and filters is responsible for that; being the real heart of the […]

Building your first WordPress plugin (part 1)

One of the primary reasons for WordPress’ continued popularity is the ease with which it can be extended and customized with plugins. Building a plugin may seem like an impossible task, but it’s simpler than you may think. Today we begin our “Building your first WordPress plugin” series that will cover the most important principles […]

240 jQuery Plugins

Form Validation jQuery Validation. Auto Help. Simple jQuery form validation. jQuery XAV – form validations. jQuery AlphaNumeric. Masked Input. TypeWatch Plugin. Text limiter for form fields. Ajax Username Check with jQuery. Related Posts:25 Responsive jQuery Navigation PluginsForm Validation jQuery Plugins and Libraries Top 10 Useful Jquery PluginsjQuery Accordion Plugins and Tutorials15 Free and Useful jQuery […]