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How to Create an Online Tutorials Website with WordPress

How to create a online tricks and tutorials style magazine website with wordpress. Do you want to build a Magazine style resources and online tutorials website? If you do, you don’t have to contract out a web developer, you can do it yourself easily with WordPress. We will help you create a WP Tutorials Website […]

Write an app in AngularJS

The AngularJS framework greatly simplifies frontend development, making it easy and fun to write complex web apps. Brian Ford explains how to use it to build a contact manager This article first appeared in issue 234 of .net magazine – the world’s best-selling magazine for web designers and developers. In JavaScript’s early days, you had […]

Everything you need to understand to start with AngularJS

2012 was the year of the rise of the Javascript MVC frameworks and libraries with countless of those frameworks that were released or that went under the spotlight. Among others, you must have heard about Backbone.js, Ember.js but my personal favorite is AngularJS. AngularJS is a Javascript MVC framework created by Google to build properly architectured and maintainable web […]

Jquery UI Sortable Tutorial

This tutorial will teach you how to implement Jquery’s UI sortable interaction to reorder a list representing a website menu. We’ll also discuss how to save the order so you can present the updated object order to the user. Related Posts:How to Create a Simple jQuery Accordion9 Great Resources for Keeping Your Web Developer Skills […]

20+ HTML5 Tutorials, Resources & Tips

HTML5 offers plenty of potential for web designers and developers, especially when combined with CSS3. The possibilities of HTML5 are exciting, and many designers/developers have been creating amazing things that weren’t possible with HTML and CSS in the past. The life and career of a web designer/developer requires learning new techniques rather frequently due to […]