Top 10 Websites for Designers – March 2014

Dieter Rams’ principles for good design have been around for awhile. But this new site captures them in a fresh way. Plus, as AIGA dives into its centennial year, the celebration kicks into gear with rich historical context presented through a dynamic website. You’ll find all this and more in this roundup of the best […]

Getting Started with Flat UI Design

A recent Forbes report places the increasing trend towards flat design firmly at the door of people’s growing familiarity with digital interfaces. In years gone by (1995-2003), the author says, designers were designing for only a “certain class of professional workers” who were familiar with desktop software and this meant designing with clickability in mind. […]

Why We Should Reconsider Design Mock-ups

Most designers follow a set process when creating websites, it may vary slightly from project to project and from designer to designer, but that process usually looks something like the image to the right → This should look very familiar to a lot of designers. It is the way nearly all creative professionals have worked […]

10 Awesome ebooks for Web Designers

It’s a great time to be a web designer. True, the trends and technologies are changing at a breakneck speed, but we have many resources at our fingertips to keep up to date. We can find inspiration on all the latest trends online, we can hear intelligent conversations among the world’s best designers by listening […]

20 Best Examples of Landing Page Design

A landing page is most important if you are promoting your product or selling your services online. To have a best landing page design for your product you should follow the trends and check numerous examples available on Internet. There are different ways to get it done properly, either you hire a designer or buy […]