10 Free Sketch Plugins for Web Developers

Sketch is getting a lot of traction among web designers and developers. This is probably because it is intuitive, easy to learn and comes with many features that makes it a lot easier to create a website prototype. It may also be because this application is extensible i.e. you can add new features to the […]

160+ RSS Feeds For Web-Designers And Developers

Many of you who know me personally, have been reading this blog or one my previous blogs or have been following me on Twitter for a while, know I’m a self-taught web-designer. I didn’t study design, arts, coding or whatever, and I never attended CSS 101 in college. Instead, I read blogs, tutorials and books. […]

Free Zurb Foundation 4 Framework Website Templates

What is a Foundation? An advanced responsive front-end framework for developers. Made by ZURB, a product design company in Campbell, California. So for you front-end developers you now have a web design kit for creating cross-browser, consistent and visually effective responsive designs. Related Posts:50 CSS and JavaScript Frameworks, Tools and Libraries

Top 10 Websites to Learn Website Development

Website Development can be a great career option if you love to code, love to design and love to develop some awesome websites. Developing Websites now become very easily these days as some content management systems like wordpress, joomla can be very helpful to you to make delightful websites. For that you have just basic […]

What should every programmer know about web development?

What things should a programmer implementing the technical details of a web application consider before making the site public? If Jeff Atwood can forget about HttpOnly cookies, sitemaps, and cross-site request forgeries all in the same site, what important thing could I be forgetting as well? I’m thinking about this from a web developer’s perspective, […]

15 HTML5 Frameworks for Developers

Lots of development is going to happen in HTML5 in the coming days and some framework for developers are listed below. These HTML5 and CSS3 frameworks are used to create your HTML5/CSS3 templates to develop your web applications for enhanced functionality for responsive layouts and multimedia. Related Posts:10 Free Sketch Plugins for Web Developers50 CSS and […]