50 (Most) Beautiful Blogger Templates

There are tonnes of Blogger templates out there, but we all know it’s hard (or perhaps take times) to find the really nice and high quality ones. So for those who are bored with their current Blogger template and intend to change, we thought your time can be spent better on browsing only the best […]

Top 20 Sports Website Templates and WordPress Themes

Are you a sports fan, own a sports business or are you just looking for some web design inspiration in this area? You’ve come to the right place. We’ve collected 20 of the best sports website templates and WordPress themes we could find. Whether you want to create a simple online presentation website for your […]

Top 20 IT Website Templates and Designs

The first when starting to design a website is always gathering inspiration from other websites. A designer must know the current trends, especially in web design where new trends are emerging very fast. In the past few years we’ve seen trends like grunge, hand drawn, large fonts, illustration designs etc. In this article we’ve gathered […]